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Sports and activities

Tobago has so much to offer and so much to see. Our local agents – Yes Tourism can arrange tours and trips with very experienced guides.

Turtle Watching

The leatherback turtle can weigh up to 700kgs! These massive creatures swim thousands of miles to return to the place of their birth to lay their eggs. In the egg-laying season and later when the baby turtles hatch and return to the sea, it is possible to join an organised group to watch this incredible and very moving process. The turtle is a protected species and all their egg-laying areas are strictly controlled during the laying and hatching season, generally March to September.

Scuba diving

Tobago is one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean with an impressive array of pristine coral reefs, volcanic formations and marine wrecks. The warm currents that feed the waters around Tobago come from the great Orinoco in South America and the diversity of marine life is amazing. Rare multicoloured fish mix with dolphins and giant sponges, but Tobago is best known for the huge manta rays that are found all around the island. Sucken galleons from the days of the pirates as well as World War II supply ships litter the sea floor. There are numerous diving centres in Tobago and we can help you with arrangements for scuba diving as part of your holiday.


There are plenty of places to snorkel off Tobago’s beautiful beaches and there is plenty of information available about the most interesting sites. Serious snorkellers may want to visit the spectacular sights of the deeper reefs and boats run regular trips from places like Store Bay and Pigeon Point take you to Buccoo Reef or from Blue Waters Inn to visit the amazing reefs surrounding Goat Island. Again we will be pleased to give detailed information about the best places to snorkel.


Several companies offer well-organised sport fishing trips on a tailor-made basis. A variety of craft is available and clients can go in search of marlin and tuna. Destination Tobago can give you details of the established companies that they deal with.


Plenty of places to windsurf – Mount Irvine Bay is a favourite spot with the locals and Pigeon Point has a tuition as well as a good selection of equipment for hire and lessons are available. We can advise you about other good windsurfing areas and there are many watersports operators who will take you to the best beaches.

Yacht Trips

Many companies will take you on a full or half day cruise taking in some of the most beautiful sights off the shores of Tobago and giving you the chance to snorkel and swim in some of the best possible locations. Full day cruises include a beach barbecue in real Robinson Crusoe locations.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

In Tobago, stand-up paddling in the Bon Accord Lagoon is a special treat as the evening rolls in with a magical lightining show courtesy of the bioluminescent plankton that live in the lagoon.

Sea Kayaking

Tobago is beautiful and to fully appreciate the true wonder of what this amazing island has to offer you need to go to places that can only be visited by kayak. Every trip is its own adventure and each one is different. You can paddle out to a deserted island, see a diverse array of the beautiful flora and fauna found in Tobago and, if you’re feeling up for it, swim in the warm, blue sea. As you glide amongst the coral reefs and mangroves you will soon forget what time it is and you’ll begin to feel at one with nature.


There are two championship courses – Tobago Plantations and Mount Irvine. Non-residents are welcome, club hire is easy and green fees are reasonable.