Flights to Tobago

We can offer you flights to Tobago with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, both departing from London Gatwick, as follows:

British Airways (Scheduled flight)
Monday and Friday (Winter) and Tuesday and Friday (Summer): making a stop in Antigua in both directions

Virgin Atlantic (Scheduled flight)
Tuesday and Saturday (Winter) and Sunday (Summer): making a stop in St Lucia in both directions.

How long can I stay for?

We can offer holidays in increments of seven nights flying with both of the above airlines and of course can combine the Monday/Friday (or Tuesday) flights with British Airways and the Tuesday/Saturday flights with Virgin Atlantic to create 10/11 night holiday durations.

How long are the journeys?

The flight time can vary depending on the route, but it is generally 9.5 – 10.5 hours. This includes a short stop in either Antigua (BA) or St Lucia (Virgin) en route.

What classes of travel are available?

British Airways offer three or four classes: World Traveller (Economy), World Traveller Plus (Premium) and Club. First Class may be available on selected dates/routes.  See our classes of travel section for full details.

Virgin Atlantic offers three classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Upper class. See our classes of travel section for full details.

Can I pre-book my seats?

The simple answer is yes; however whether this is a free or payable service depends on a variety of things such as class of travel, if you are an Executive Club/Flying Club member or travelling with children etc… As your flights are also part of a package holiday, in some circumstances, we may need to issue your airline tickets before seats can be allocated.

We will provide detailed information when you book, but we would also direct you the airline’s website for the latest information:

British Airways Seating

Virgin Atlantic Seating

What is the baggage allowance?

As information can change without notice we would direct you to the relevant airline’s website for the latest information:

British Airways Baggage Essentials

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Essentials

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