Special events


Sunday School

The small village of Buccoo comes alive on Sunday night for the weekly Sunday School. No bible readings or gospel singing involved, just eating, drinking, music, dancing and liming at this lively street party which lasts till the early hours. All are welcome.

12th – 13th February (Annual event)                

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Carnival, including Shrove Tuesday, or Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad and Tobago, where many people plan the event well ahead of time. Musical competiotions, eloborate costumes and specific characters dedicated to Carnival are some of the major highlights of this annual festival.

End April (Annual event)       

Tobago Jazz Experience

A celebration of jazz along with the indigenous music of Trinidad, Tobago and the Caribbean. Staying true to its promise of offering ‘much more than music’ however, the Tobago Jazz Experience incorporates the cultural and historical practices that define the island of Tobago as an ideal destination.

Tobago IMG-20170929-WA0045

Tobago Public Holidays 2018

01 January 2018        New Years Day

12 February 2018      Carnival

13 February 2018      Carnival/Shrove Tuesday

30 March 2018          Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day

30 March 2018           Good Friday

02 April 2018              Easter Monday

30 May 2018              Indian Arrival Day

31 May 2018              Corpus Christie

15 June 2018              Eid-al-Fitr

19 June 2018              Labour Day

01 August 2018          Emancipation Day

31 August 2018          Independence Day

24 September 2018    Republic Day

07 November 2018     Diwali/Deepavali

25 December 2018     Christmas Day

26 December 2018      Boxing Day